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All my fanfiction is free and easy to find. It's on under Suki59, on my wordpress blog,, and on under Suki59.

If you’re unfamiliar with fanfiction, it’s written by fans of a book, show, film, etc. using characters or settings in the original work, rather than by the original creator. 


In case you’re wondering why I’ve written so much fanfiction, here is some of what we affectionately call “review crack” taken from

(And, yes, we have nutty names. Hey, don’t judge!)

“Suki, you never disappoint.”  --Night Orchid

“Your stories are my new addiction.” –Snowball64

“Hope you never stop writing.” –elliebaby33

“This is, by far, the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. Ever.” –morecks87

“In one word: FANTASTIC. I laughed myself sick. Inspired. Original. Hilarious.” --nycsnowbird

 “Suki, you rock my socks!” –mischievousmaya

“I laughed so hard I think I tinkled a little on myself!”–MommaMinion40

“This is all kinds of awesome!” –sjdfan

“Seriously, this is so FUN to read.” –Vane3131

“You have poured so much emotion into so few words … it’s beautiful.” –dazedrose

“The funniest story I’ve read. Can’t wait to read more.” –Disney Flint

“Breathtaking! I’ll keep reading for sure!” –L. Fielder

“You really are so genuinely funny and what an imagination.” –ganoo

“Think you can do this forever?”—GaijinVamp

“You’re so deliciously twisted.” –kitlina

“Oh man, I love, love, LOVE this. It seriously is the bright spot in my day.” –Symphonic Poem

“Funniest part of this: all of it!” --ehee

“Thanks for my daily chortle.” –ByteMeBill

“Heartbreaking and beautiful!” –luvvamps

“OMG, this is absolutely brilliant! I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so much! You’re a genius! I love this so effing much! *still laughing*” –greenlemons

"Absolutely heart rending." --cherub68

“Mother effing brilliant!” –sawyersmine

“Thank YOU for the guilty pleasure!” –Jadajuice

“OMG! I’m ROTFLMAO! That’s seriously, SERIOUSLY the funniest thing I’ve ever read! I’m not so sure your Momma would be proud of this, but it’s frickin’ hysterical!” –Kittybird

“I can feel that I’ve just stumbled into a wonderful journey.” –fffbone